Successful Settlement of $100 – APPROVED by the IRS!

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Recently, we received a phone call from someone who owed $24,400 to the IRS in taxes.

They were an independent contractor and between overwhelming medical expenses and an uncertain income, they were unable to make ends meet to pay estimated taxes.  As time went on and the balance owed grew, it became clear to them that they needed help, NOW!

That’s where we came in…

They called us and we helped them turn this around.  They had no idea where to even begin and were scared of what the IRS might do.

We did a comprehensive analysis of their situation and proposed an offer to the IRS.  We were able to prove to them that all the client could afford to pay back was $100.

The Internal Revenue Service ACCEPTED the offer…$100!

We reduced their tax debt from $24,400 to $100…

A SAVINGS of $24,300!!

We helped return hope to their life and get them back on track!

Just look at the images below:

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